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saku_inthewind's Journal

Sakura Petals in the Wind
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This is an rpg/fanfiction comm where we role
play different saku pairings, we take requests but we will state
wether our status is open or not, and please no yaoi or yuri as a thanks from the mun.

The posts in the RP will not connect to each other so if there is a
post with KankuSaku for example and one later with ShikaSaku they
will not take place together or have nothing to do with each other
since there is no set plot, just like on Fan Fiction.net there's stories
for both sometimes by the same authoer butnot in the same "world"
so to speak.

So it's just for Sakura pairings but it is NOT CRACK,
we'll actually build the relationships through these
stories and sometimes they'll be continued in chapters
I suppose depending on the title, so they'll be serious,
funny anf angsty and all the things story tellers use blah
blah just like fan fiction but with multiple authors.